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Welcome to a new way of embracing your dreams.

Here, success is not a distant goal but a journey that intertwines with your everyday life. We focus on creating a path that is not just about reaching goals but about enjoying the journey towards them

Transformative Life Strategies

Designed for the accomplished woman who KNOWS she is meant to make a big impact and ready to redefine her path. Our programs empower you to translate your life’s experiences into a bold and unconventional future.

Creative Entrepreneurship Launchpad

Turn your values and passions into a soul led, profitable venture with our Creative Entrepreneurship Launchpad.

Strategic Self-Rediscovery

Realign with your core strengths through our Strategic Self-Rediscovery program. Specially crafted for those who’ve dedicated years to others, we help you harness your inherent talents and translate them into fulfilling pursuits that celebrate your independence and individuality.

Hey there, I am Kat.

I’m a Clarity & Transformation Coach, a therapist, a health warrior, an intuitive and a healer.  It is my mission to help you find joy in whatever endeavors you take on and to build a big, audacious & bold life!

If you have felt misled, misunderstood, confused, or just lost in the ROLES we find ourselves locked into in life, YOU are in the RIGHT PLACE!

I equip you with strategies to move beyond what stops you so you can build the adventurous life you desire.  With a focus on curiosity, finding joy in simple things, creating daily practices that build momentum and embracing new challenges, together we will move you upward in your life and business!


Outdoor adventure and traveling are my favorite pastimes


I trained horses in a past life and now compete in agility with my dog


Social justice and a focus on the strengths of others is at the core of all I do.

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The tools you need and exercises that facilitate personal growth are all here!


The Soulful Time Management Toolkit

Does your day feel like it gets away from you? Do you find it hard to focus on ALL that you want to accomplish? Sign up below to receive a complete breakdown on how find your flow and have a system for managing your day beautifully!!


Igniting Your Mega- Attractor Mojo Tips

Does attracting abundance, relationships, or new opportunities feel like a mystery to you? You’re in good hands. Sign up below to receive a five step breakdown on how to create and curate the life you desire by attracting what you want! (instead of what you DON’T want!).


5 Key Considerations for Starting a New Business

This guide will help you think about some of the ideas to consider and explore as well as some personal quips to point you in a direction!

This is NOT a business guru kind of guide, it is more personal than that and a START!!! For those of us NON-GURU types, it is MUCH better to keep it simple! So glad to share it with you!

Are you ready

Guiding Your Transformation:
A Compass for Your Life Renaissance

We specialize in guiding women through the pivotal moments of life. Our approach is centered on understanding the unique challenges and opportunities you face at this stage, offering a blend of personalized coaching and skill development.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Journey

  • Personalized Coaching: Dive into your deepest aspirations, identify your true passions, and design a strategy to bring them to life.

  • Skills for Today’s World: Master essential skills, from digital marketing to effective business strategies, crucial for success in a dynamic environment.

  • Empowering Workshops: Participate in sessions that stimulate creativity, personal growth, and entrepreneurial spirit.

  • A Network of Support: Join a community of peers who share your aspirations and understand your journey.

The Promise of Sustainable Success

  • Guided by Experts: Our team, having triumphed in their own life transitions, bring both empathy and expertise.

  • Customized for You: We recognize the uniqueness of your story. Our solutions are crafted to fit your individual needs and aspirations.

  • Long-Term Achievement Focus: We aim for lasting satisfaction and achievement, not just quick fixes.

  • Continued Support and Growth: Benefit from an ongoing network of support, resources, and camaraderie.

Awaken Academy

Are you ready to get CLARITY and focus on your desires? To step into a NEW version of yourself? This course is for YOU, the impact- driven aspiring entrepreneur who KNOWS they are meant for more and is passionate about making a bigger impact!

​If you. . .

STOP wasting time and money! THIS course was made for YOU!

My mission is to create a safe space where those who have felt left behind are empowered to build extraordinary lives through curiosity, and embracing a culture of acceptance and empowerment that facilitates growth and change.
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Join our Facebook Group for Exclusive Website Updates, Tips, and Discussions

Discover What Our Clients Say About Us

Kat launched her game changing AA at exactly the right time! I’ve had so many huge revelations in just the first module! Kat is smart, savvy, a straight shooter, fun and just has a way of getting you moving! I highly recommend Kat to anyone who is serious about gaining the clarity, direction and transforming their business into the massive success they deeply desire!
Rebecca Visser
As soon as I hired Kat my first limiting belief was shattered. In the first week of working with Kat, I knew this was going to be different than anything I have ever done. I love that she thinks about this group, and you can tell that she cares for every one of us in the group. She really cheers you on as you are figuring it out. I will definitely recommend Kat to any entrepreneur who is stuck in the same routine and not getting to where they feel their full potential is. Being in a community is great for growth but having a leader who cares about the growth is where the magic happens!
Amber McCarty
This was AMAZEBALLS!! And exactly what I needed. I am SO glad I found you and was able to attend! Absolutely a GAME changer!
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